Friday, June 29, 2007

At least the doc would up on the latest technology (if there is any in TDIETland)

Today's strip is a perfect example of why I get frustrated when I see that a strip is set in some sort of medical environment. Seriously, a strip about doctors who look young? It was annoying enough in a recent episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised to see it here--it's certainly something people have been joking about since the 1950s. It's just so over the top. For an artist who has problems making kids look young, Al sure does a good job here of making this guy look about 12. Why can't he do that more regularly???

And the comment of the nurse in the background just puts it over the top. Obviously this kid isn't ACTUALLY 15 or whatever. Although it's not like people in their 20s (...and 30s and 40s) don't play video games. But I imagine if a kid is a doctor at a young age, he actually is aware of his responsibilities.

This would make me happier if the doctor didn't look particularly young; it's just that the patient, in fact, just felt older. I mean, I look at college students and think they look young, when obviously they looked the same when I was in college. It's just that I got older.



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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Make your own calls, dude

Sorry about the belated, life, etc., etc.

I'd like yesterday's strip a lot more if it reflected my life--I was totally with Al in the top panel. Sick on weekend? Check. It only lasting a day? Check. I always seem to get sick on the weekend, but be well enough to go to work. He lost me in the bottom panel. I cannot imagine calling in sick on a Monday and saying that I wouldn't be back until Wednesday or Thursday unless I was in the hospital or something. And I cannot imagine calling in sick for my husband if he were just lying in bed, talking to me. Good God. And who would say "72-hour virus"? Also, it's "sniff," not "snif." Clearly Dragbutt hasn't learned the art of the mental health day.

Today's strip takes us into the world of Catastra and Wimpo's dining preparation. What's really scary is Wimpo's "U-ulp!" at the end of his dialogue bubble. He's clearly frightened of Catastra. I don't particularly blame him; she's scary. At least the dinner sounds decent--roast, potatoes, garlic. There's no bad there. No squid, either. Really, Cat should just say that she's tired, period. She's trying to get sympathy from someone who clearly won't give it (understandably). What's particularly confusing is that it looks like the kitchen is totally clean. I'm trying to figure out whether Wimpo is unrolling his sleeves, signifying that he also cleaned up. Then why would Cat have been in the kitchen? Just telling him how to clean? It's a mystery.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mmm, squid souffle

Today's strip confuses me a bit. It's not the basic premise, it's the details. Why is it such a big deal that the waitress comes over when you're in the middle of eating something that's very hot? Is the fact that it's hot a problem? If not, why not just say, "Have your mouth full"? What it's full of doesn't really matter. And really, at that point it's just a (typical, I'll admit) nuisance that the waitress comes over when your mouth is full. Why does she have to go on and on like that (other than to allow me to include the tags for weirdo food and Hap Hapless--and aren't we all glad to hear he's doing well?)? And do waitresses honestly start conversations like that? I've never had a waiter or waitress ask me about what television show I watched the night before.

So, as in so many cases, the basic premise (waitress comes over at inconvenient time) is fine; it's pretty much every single detail that makes it bizarre. He'll do it every time!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

I like the addition of the name Pestley

Ah, a return to the medical world in today's strip. And I really wish that Al would stop starting these things with "Ever happen to you?" because the vast majority of the time, no, it hasn't. I was going to compliment Al on not having the patient with a bandage around his head or arm in a sling, but then I realized that he explicitly says what's wrong with him, so...not so impressive.

Honestly, though, other than that...yes, that would be annoying. If anyone has more thoughtful opinions about it, feel free to sound off in the comments.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's to fight the earth warming trend

I was about to wonder whether the idea for today's strip was submitted, say, 15 years ago. I clearly remember bringing in recycleables to the grocery store for the money. Then I glanced at the submitter, and realized that the issue isn't when but where. When I was recycling like that, I lived in Connecticut. So I guess it's a CT thing. And yes, there were numerous times that the machine would be full. However, the light was already on, so it's not like you would actually put your cans/bottles/whatever into the machine without knowing that it was a futile effort.

And yes, while this is annoying, I can't help but fault Nudnik. Maybe he should try bringing in his empty bottles and cans more frequently; then he wouldn't have to cart those boxes around, only to find that it was a wasted effort. Also, if this happens every time, maybe he should just go to a different store where the recycling machines are more reliable.

I should also note that the best part about those machines (other than getting cash) is the very satisfying crunch when you put the bottles in. Excellent.

On a side note, I've been called out of town on business, and won't be around tomorrow or Friday. My apologies. Feel free to comment on those strips here, though.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Clothing perspective

I'm bewildered by the bedroom in today's strip. It looks like two of those closets are halfway up the wall. I'm wrong, right? My eyes just aren't seeing it correctly. After staring at it for a while, I think they're supposed to be on the other side of the room, and the perspective just seems a little strange.

And obviously Catastra doesn't have anything to wear. Look at those closets! They're full of multiple copies of maybe 2 or 3 dresses. Did she find a couple styles she liked, then bought in multiple colors? And it's a bad call, because those dresses are not attractive. Not that the women in TDIETland ever wear nice clothes, really.

This is kind of a variation on something we've seen before--the couple goes to the grocery store, buys a ton of food, then gets home and decides to go out to eat. Or, maybe it's between seasons. Like other people, I have two groups of clothes--summer and winter. I get very annoyed with my clothing right before I switch. So sick of it all. So I really can't get on Catastra about this. Do guys never look at their clothes and get annoyed?

And Al, please, never ever show us these people in their undergarments again.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

At least he'd be neat if she vacuumed his hide

Today's strip makes me wonder whether there's a divide here between the older and younger generations when it comes to chores. I admit that I, too, have indignantly done chores while hoping that a housemate would pick up on the cue and help. Even so, I can't feel too bad for the wife. Mrs. Leadbutt by this point should realize that he's not going to lift a finger without prompting. So she either needs to say something to him, or not get into a snit about it. I mean, at least he's offering to help, right? (Which reminds me of a story that I may have told before: So one time after dinner, my dad says to my mom that she shouldn't clean up after. "No," he said, "Barb can do it!" How very generous of him.)

Again, obviously it's not good that Leadbutt just sits there. At the very least, he could leave the room. But who knows...maybe he mows the lawn while she sits in a deck chair and reads a trashy romance novel.

And let's notice that it was submitted by a couple. Interesting. I guess they've been arguing about chores lately?

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Friday, June 15, 2007

The urge to live on the edge

I'm so excited about the twofer in today's strip--both "living on the edge" and "the urge to"! And not only that, but that "the urge to" is ALSO a twofer--"two-coat paint her" and "send her to the moon"! Man, does it get any better? It's like a "Happy Friday!" present from Al.

(Though doesn't one kind of imply the other?)

I'm pretty sure we've seen this strip before, though I'm having problems finding it. There was definitely another "tired husband comes home from work and wants to rest, but his wife just won't let him!" strip at some point. I do feel for Rembrush (*sigh*); Nagella (and I realize Al was going for a play on the word "nag," but it just makes me think of Nigella Lawson, which totally isn't the right image here) isn't helping with the way she's talking to him.

But honestly, this isn't a situation I can get worked up about. Maybe when there are a few strips about a husband coming home from work and making a comment about his wife--who stayed home with the kids--must've been bored or something. But I can't get behind "Poor guy, worked so hard all day! Just let him drink his beer and nobody bother him" as a concept. Though at least being a housepainter does involve some physical activity.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Al chooses not to bash the doctors (for once)

Well, I'm happy that today's strip doesn't bash the medical world--just a patient! I actually have mixed feelings about it. At first I was thought, "Yeah, that's stupid of Dizzia." And I still do kinda feel that way. She's true that a doctor who has to see all these patients (I'd hope that that's actually a practice with a few other doctors) probably won't spend much time with each one (which is why you need to be assertive when you go to the doctor, but that's another story)--although that's more of a slam on the health care system in the United States than anything else. As for why there aren't any patients at the second doctor's office, well, that looks like a much smaller practice. I've never seen a waiting room like that; the ones I've been to have all been like the ones in the top panel. I mean, there isn't even room for the patients' files! I wonder if that's a specialist. Or is it first thing in the morning? I hate not knowing context!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Don't pick on Fido!

Wow. Is today's strip the first one that has focused on pets? Or even animals of any kind? Well, I guess it's better to laugh at an animal than at other people. Though most animals are cuter.

That being said, I can't really support today's strip. In the top panel, the dog could be running from the noise the air conditioner makes, for all we know. Or maybe it just doesn't like standing in front of a blast of cold air--unless I'm particularly warm, I don't either. Maybe it's the temperature of the air the dog doesn't like. Or maybe it doesn't like the breeze.

And yes, dogs do like sticking their heads out of moving cars. I had thought, though, that this didn't have anything to do with the wind--I thought they liked it because they could smell a lot of things that way. Everyone knows that outside = exciting! to many dogs. Also, the temperature of the air outside is probably about the same as the temperature in the car, and the dog probably had its head out the window when the car was moving slowly, so could build up to the wind.

I'm just going to hope that the submitter was joking.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Restaurant fantasy land

Today's strip would just never happen. Ever. I suppose that theoretically there is some restaurant out there that doesn't have much business and thus would be able to hold 10 empty seats for two and a half hours. But this is rare, much less something that come even close to happening "every time." And even if they could hold on to 10 empty chairs, I imagine that they'd break up the tables after a while. I think the more appropriate strip would be Barfmore coming in at 9:30 with his group of 10, expecting to be seated even though they were insanely late, only to have the maitre d' tell them to shove off.

And why do Barfmore's companions look so shocked? Did they think they had reservations for 3 at 9:30? Did they not realize that Barfmore didn't change the reservation?

Also, Al, just stick with one variation on "Barfo"--there's Barfo, and Barfwell, and Barflow, and now Barfmore. If you need a reminder of what names you've used, just check out my tags. Or e-mail me. Or drop me a letter.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

The yoyoitis pandemic is over

I, for one, am happy to read about the cure for yoyoitis in today's strip, as it's been a plague on TDIETland since at least last July. I wonder why the couple is so interested in it--perhaps someone close to them died of yoyoitis? Really, I know that tv stations do that all time (pst, Al and submitter Charles--it's to make you sit through the entire show; I mean, you know you'll turn off the tv right after that story), but Al could've come up with a better example. Good ones are interviews with big celebrities, or shocking information about how air can kill you. It doesn't have the same pull when it's some random disease you made up to afflict characters in a soap opera.

And yes, I do recommend cartoons. Even ones not for the kiddies. Honestly, they're always a good antidote to the news.

The real clue that the couple shouldn't even be watching? The station is WDULL (which is one letter too many, but I'll let that pass).

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Sounds like one heck of a meeting!

I'll be honest: Today's strip made me laugh. Well, not the strip as a whole, really. It was the phrase "cell telly." I mean, really--what's not amusing about that? Oh, Al. So on top of the current lingo.

"The urge to long distance him to the moon" doesn't make sense on a few levels. I realize that he's just going for a phone reference, but it's not like cell phones differentiate between local and long-distance calls. Maybe it's a reference to Catastra making long-distance calls? Possible, but we have no way of knowing.

And again, Cat, if it's pissing you off, just call out Leadbutt for his hypocrisy. Or at least point out that he can use his phone in the house while she's on the phone. It's win-win!

(And I'm including a "Loyal Order of the Caribou" tag, as I assume that's the "lodge" that Leadbutt refers to on the phone. I refuse to believe there's more than one of these organizations in TDIETland.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

No chance of scurvy for them!

The thing that intrigues me about today's strip actually isn't anything about the content, which I find kind of cute, to be honest (maybe it's because it's one of those "Nobody's wrong or bad in this situation!" strips and both Nulla and Barfo are smiling in the top panel). It's the fact that the submitter is from Florida. Does she frequently send people fruit, then hear from them that they had just bought a ton of fruit themselves?

And holy crow, how much citrus did Nulla and Barfo buy? Is that just for the two of them? Do they eat only oranges and grapefruit?

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The urge to barf his bits. Ew.

Today's strip is one of those where I don't object to the overall message of the strip, but the execution just makes me say, "Come on!" The husband wants something called "Barf Bits"? Seriously? No. No company would ever sell that as a product for people to purchase and consume. I could see some company selling that as a gag (*rim shot*) gift, but that's it. No husband would be complaining that he couldn't eat his barf bits. No no no. And why does the mother look so upset in the top panel? Is it because she knows that her family is going to complain as soon as she gets back? If that's the case, then she should say, "OK, nobody has any suggestions. So don't complain when I get home and haven't bought the snack you like."

Interestingly, it seems the family is bothered that she got something similar to what they like, but not quite the right item. Either she doesn't know that Wheat Crums and Pistachio Wafers and Barf Bits are their favorites (doubtful), or she chose those possibly generic items to save money. Or she just enjoys pissing her family off, in which case, kudos to her. They seem like brats.

And really, it seems that they were all at home when she went shopping. They could've come along.

I like how we just have a "The urge." It's not "the urge to" do something specific. Just an urge.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Someone call Al Gore

I was momentarily confused about today's strip (which, honestly, isn't that rare an occurrence) because I had thought that Don Downer was speaking at some sort of luncheon and honestly don't see anything odd about him ending with pleasantries. Though I did find the people's expressions a bit odd, in that situation.

Upon rereading, though, it becomes important to know what kind of tone he's using. If he's sarcastic, then it makes perfect sense. Or even sad, depressed. Tone matters, and you can't get it from this strip. I still do find the others' expressions a bit odd; I imagine they all know what this guy is like, so most people would probably just ignore him.

And what is this "earth warming" I keep hearing about?


Monday, June 04, 2007

So "Barfo" is a surname now?

I just want to say that if I were the mail carrier in today's strip, I wouldn't deliver the Lugers' mail until the end of the day either. Nice attitude! Honestly, swearing because the mail is delivered at some unspecified time in the afternoon? All we know is that it's after the bank closes, but that could be as early as 3:30. (As far as I know, "Oh, yeah-h" isn't actually a time of day.) I have some friends who regularly got their mail between 6 and 7 in the evening. And honestly, Mr. Luger, way to live Social Security check to Social Security check. It's called financial planning. And obviously he should realize that his mail gets to his house a bit later and the day, and know that he won't be able to deposit that check until the next day.

Moral of the story: Your postal carrier chooses when he or she delivers mail. Such is life. If you're that desperate for your mail, Lugers, maybe be a bit nicer to the guy and maybe he'll stop by on his way out, instead of making you his last stop of the day.