Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Barb embraces technology

You may have noticed (if you haven't...you're blind) that I realized what the little Blogger icons mean in my "Create a Post" window and have added the actual strip for today. My knowledge of the Interwebs clearly knows no bounds. I was spurred on to this by gallagher's comment yesterday, wondering whether the archives would disappear, rendering my blog completely moot. (Or moo, like a cow's opinion.) I hope that if they do disappear, it takes a while, as I'll make an attempt to go back and add the actual comics. And maybe even add tags for the older entries. We'll see.
Anyway, today's strip. (Yes, I feel the need to link it. I don't know why.) I kind of love it because of the woman in the lower right corner. Her expression makes me happy. Also, that is a tiny pool, which amuses me. I do wonder whether this visitor to Palm City actually heard these people say they were going for a "swim" or just a "dip in the pool." Did these guys actually talk about getting exercise? And maybe they are swimming around a bit. Or it could be therapeutic! My grandmother swims every week because she has a bum hip, but I doubt she's doing laps. Who knows.
Love the guy asking the others where they're going for "early bird." I really hope that people actually do call it that. It would totally make my day.

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At 1:32 PM, Blogger Kaitlyn said...

I like the smoking in the pool.

On my blog, I have both the comic and the link.

But I'm linking to the official pluggers site, and they have one tiny archive.

At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Lapsed Librarian said...

Sometimes my husband and I go out for dinner at odd times on the weekend, like 3 or 4 pm. When we do that, we say we're going for the early bird special, though we've never encountered an actual special by that name. Unfortunately, we're a good 30 years away from retiring down in Palm City...

At 9:24 PM, Blogger Gallaher said...

Y'know, Barb, assuming the PI links stay live, you *could* go back and start commenting on TDIETs starting Jan 1, 2004! That seems to be how far back they go...and it's very interesting to look at the older comics; Al's art subtly changed in the past 3 years...just an idea, because I'd hate to see this blog go black...


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