Monday, January 28, 2008

Her purse isn't even that big!

Today's strip totally hit home, mostly because I commute to and from work on the bus. I cannot cope with people who don't have their money/farecard ready. I actually have my SmarTrip card in my pocket when I close my front door. Seriously, there is no excuse for these people. I hate being behind them in line, I hate sitting on the bus and watching them take forever. At least most of the time, if they need to search, they do try and step aside and let people ahead of them.

OK, I guess on occasion, I can see not having change ready. But this just speaks to me. Right on, Al and Susan!



At 11:51 PM, Blogger Gallaher said...

A horrifying thought just hit me: will the Seattle PI delete TDIET from its website when the strip is retired next week? Currently, it has archives going several years back, and it'd be a shame to lose that access (plus it would really make this blog nearly useless for future readers!). If we're lucky, they'll keep it linked as a "strip emeritus"...or maybe they'll remove it from the menu but not bother deleting the archives, so the links still work? Fingers x'd...


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