Friday, February 01, 2008

Is that a green slip?

You know what's awesome about today's strip? The kid actually making a comment about "growing cobwebs" instead of actually seeing Chumply sitting there, covered in cobwebs. Though, pst, kid--you don't "grow" cobwebs. There's this whole process involving spiders. I do like that we're seeing the beginning of this process.

When I first glanced at the strip, I thought that it was the morning; in my mind, robe = morning or night. It wasn't until I noticed that Chumply was in a tux that I got what was going on. However, this is one of those situations where I can't feel too bad for the husband, because he's obviously been married to this woman for a while; by this point, he should know how long it takes her to get ready for a night out. So Chumply, go grab a book or something while your wife prims up (I always use "primp," but whatever). And stop looking so surprised.

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At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Lapsed Librarian said...

Ah, this explains everything! Those cobwebs we've seen before aren't actually produced by super-speedy spiders; they are somehow "grown" by people who sit in one place too long. That definitely gives me motivation to get up from my desk more frequently!

At 7:41 PM, Blogger Kaitlyn said...

I understand why it will take her so long to get dressed.

I don't take a long time if I have things picked out or an idea of what I want to wear.

I also don't wear makeup or do anything to my hair besides brushing it.

But they're going to something formal, he's in a tux! Did he think she was going in her robe and slippies? Honestly, she's in her PJs! It's not like she was dressed and had to touch up her hair or makeup.

Chumply's not very nice, and neither is the kid.

I also don't know what 'never in our lifetime' means today. That usually means he illustrates the concept - she's all dressed up in 5 minutes would fit the tag more than her saying it.

At 9:13 PM, Anonymous BuzzDog said...

Uh, oh...did you guys see the news? Poor ol' Al died, and TDIET - in all its mediocrity - is being discontinued. SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Marion Delgado said...

this sunday's is the last - ever. and there are no dailies this week.

At 7:49 AM, Anonymous BuzzDog said...

ARRRRGH...I said to say it isn't so, and YOU DID JUST THAT! (The urge to send Marion to the moon).

LOL...just kidding, of course.

OMG...what are we now going to do now that we can't get our daily dose of Barfo?

At 12:29 AM, Blogger Kaitlyn said...

I think Barb should go back and cover the weekends, especially this Sunday!

Or hey, I'll do it and she can take over my blog.


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