Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And that's what he said to the dog!

Scaduto must have realized that the way to my heart is to have people in the strips look happy. I haven't even looked at the content of today's strip, but I'm kind of glad that everyone in it is smiling. Isn't that nice? Maybe I should just skip actually reading it. But I won't.

Hm. Thanks to the expo box, we know that we're supposed to be on the side of the joke-teller. However, there is absolutely no reason for us to actually be on his side. He's telling the joke horribly. And when it comes down to a choice between dinner and a badly told joke, food will always win. And really, those people look grateful to have the joke interrupted.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Fashion in the land of Scaduto

I am so easy sometimes. Sad as it is, the husband's expression in the bottom panel of today's strip totally made me melt. It's probably because we so rarely see someone in TDIET smiling, much less smiling and being nice to his or her spouse. It probably also helps that she does look absolutely wretched in the top panel, so I'm kind of on his side.

Dear Lulula,

It doesn't matter if something is "the latest style" if you look horrible in it. Skinny jeans are also the latest style, but you won't see me trying to wear them.


Which is not to say that his blow-up in the top panel or hypocrisy in the bottom panel are OK. Because they're not. But I can't really get worked up about this when I totally agree with him.

As for what's in style in the world of TDIET...I don't even want to think about it. I mean, look at Lulula's closet. It's like some horrible combination of the 1920s (for length and cut) and the 1970s (paisley?).

Seriously, hubby's expression in the bottom panel makes me happy, so I'm just going to stop thinking about it and embrace that a character is looking at his spouse with affection.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Darn those teens and their helpfulness!

I can usually see where an idea for a strip came from. The execution doesn't make sense most of the time, but generally, I can see a kernel of truth. But today's strip? No. There are seriously parents out there who yell at their teenager for helping out around the house? In either situation--either before or after the fact. There is just nothing about this that rings true. I'd think parents would be doing the dance of joy if a teenager did something like clean out the garage (although I can understand perhaps having issues with how the chores are carried out--if it involves getting rid of stuff, that maybe should be a family chore).

This just doesn't make sense and deserves no more thought.

Friday, October 27, 2006

At least it's timely, what with the stock markets breaking records and such

In today's strip, I guess Groner was just supposed to say something generic about the state of the stock market (e.g., "Great! It's just going higher and higher!") and then drop the topic. Nothing that he's saying is complete nonsense, though I've never really heard the market spoken of in terms like that. Or maybe it's just that I'm used to tuning out as soon as I hear words like "bullish," thanks to years of living with a father who works with the stock market. It just turns into a humming noise if you try hard enough. (Love ya, Dad!)

What is really rude is that guy in the back who's blathering nonsense ("He's the guy who can throw it, but I mean like good!"). I'm hoping that the woman next to him in staring at him in horror, not at Groner. I mean, Groner might be boring and oblivious, but this guy is the real jackass. Scaduto, just use an exposition box.

Does it seem odd to anyone else that Groner seems to the focus of everyone's attention? It seems that at least a few of these people would be having side conversations of their own. And wouldn't the food table be set up in the dining room, not the living room? I understand that this is supposed to be a party; but that table there--which in no way is related to the story--just looks awkward.

I almost feel like Scaduto really wanted to name the guy "Groaner," but felt that was too obvious. Which makes no sense, but still. So he went with "Groner." Which is kind of odd, because I'd divide it into syllables as gron/er, making the first syllable rhyme with "tron." I guess you could divide it as gro/ner, so it would sound like "groaner," but I don't necessarily know that that's correct. Hmm.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yes, I made it sunny

Today's strip kind of deals with one of my hot topics: meteorologists. Or, really, criticism of them. It drives me up a wall when people complain that the meteorologist predicted 6 inches of snow and we only got a dusting and what do these people get paid for?! Because nature is so easy to predict. Geez. Sorry, it's just that complaining about this is practically the Official Winter Hobby for Washington.

Anyway. That's not what the strip is about. Is this really the case? I guess a lot of time the meteorologist will use "we" (e.g., "Well, we've got a great weekend coming up"). And some of what he's saying isn't that bad--"I've got a sunny weekend", "I assure you today will be great." I don't know that I've heard a meteorologist say something like, "I'll give you..." because that's stupid.

And speaking of stupid, "Earth warming seems to be playing a dirty trick on us"? It's global warming, Scaduto. Geez. And while I have heard stuff like, "Mother Nature dealt us this awful day," I have heard the "And Mother Nature is smiling on us" sort of thing.

But really, even if everything in the strip were true (except, of course, the global warming issue), I don't really have a problem with it. Meteorologists have to deal with people's wrath enough; I'd try to deflect the blame as well.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On game shows and fiscal responsibility

Are they kidding? Today's strip just blows me away. There is no way that these situations are remotely comparable. One involves watching a television show. One involves your own money. If people on a game show don't win $1 million, it just means they don't have that extra money. They don't actually lose any money. And when you're watching at home, when you have no actual investment in the outcome, of course you want to see them go for it! What do you have to lose? It doesn't affect you at all. I have pretty much the same reaction as Pop, though my lexicon doesn't include "Cigarette money!" (Although, $50K seems about right to buy a couple cigarettes.)

However, if your own kid wants $5 to go to the mall, that's your money. And not only is it your money, it's also about teaching your kid some fiscal responsibility. Does the kid do chores and get an allowance? If he does, then why should you give him more money? It just means that he wasted what he had, and he should learn to budget more wisely. If the kid doesn't have an allowance, then you probably should figure out some sort of system for how much money he should get.

And really, $5 for the mall? What is the kid supposed to do with $5? I'm going to hope that he already has some other cash, but wanted a little supplement. Because $5 will get you nothing. If your friends go to the movies, you can get them a small popcorn, but that's about it. You're certainly not going to be going to the movie with them. Maybe he needs the $5 for a new haircut, because I certainly hope that Hekkie's not paying much more than that. For the love of God, Scaduto, stop with the Prince Valiant haircuts!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh no, not those horrible classic films!

I can hardly focus on the content of today's strip, as I'm totally blown away by Scaduto's knowledge of the current technology. Not only is he aware of it, but he apparently understands it! Big screen, HD, digital sound, DVD...all correct. Amazing! It's a good thing he didn't include "plasma," because I probably would've had a heart attack right here.

But as for the content, well, what's wrong with getting a big ol' tv and watching old movies on it? The DVD is necessary, obviously, to watch the old movies (one cannot live by TCM alone), and the digital sound makes that better. I don't understand why wanting to watch an old movie on a big tv is bad. And why the ragging on silent movies? I love running across those late at night. I find them fascinating.

Really, the mom and kid shouldn't be complaining. Does the dad stop them from using the television? I assume not; the video game console is probably for the son. Seriously, why the annoyance? Why deride movies for being cheaper 40 years ago? That doesn't make the movies worse. (And weren't most movies in color by 1966?) Why is the dog upset about this?

I don't totally not understand the concept. My parents, for example, just bought an high-def tv. For the most part, they watch the news. But they do watch some sports, so I suppose it'll go to some good use. But I admit that my first reaction when my mom told me was, "Huh? Why?"

Anyway, he's happy with his purchase. Assuming that buying this isn't keeping the family from eating, shut up, family.

Monday, October 23, 2006

From 0 to 60 in two weeks

Apologies for the lack of updates. Blogger ate my post on Friday and I couldn't be bothered to rewrite it. And Saturday I was too busy with my new cat. Priorities, people.

I'm assuming the husband's name in today's strip is actually Meekly. This is the problem with the way Scaduto names his characters and writes his exposition boxes; since the names so frequently are adjectives or adverbs, he needs to be very clear in the exposition. But he's not, of course. However, since there's no comma before "Meekly," we'll assume it's his name.

And hey, at least the course worked! I'm blown away, actually. God knows I could probably take 100 classes called "How to Mingle at a Reception Where You Don't Know Anyone," and I'd still probably wind up standing by the wall or clinging to one person for dear life.

Though I would like to point out that "assertive" does not mean "jerkface." Clearly there is something else at play here, particularly for this to happen in two weeks. Most likely it's that Meekly finally got sick of Migraina's crap. Again, though, the solution here is to get a divorce. Nobody's happy in this relationship! Break up, and it's win-win-win (because I win, too)! The way people overreact in this strip...

"Tough crumpets" is going straight into daily usage for me, though. And I always appreciate submissions from Javy Lopez. Just retire, Javy. That way you can devote all your time to submitting ideas for TDIET!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mmm, cars

Wow. It seems that the POX-TV reporter in today's strip is speaking in verse. Awesome! I'm almost willing to overlook the fact that I'm not sure it makes sense. Can a transmission have faulty remission? And why is this enough to make a child cry? I'm sure the kid doesn't even care, really. (And is it just me, or does it seem like the kid is too young to be the son of the main character?)

I suppose it would be frustrating to buy a car (though I doubt I'd say, "I'm so lucky to have this car!") and then have it be recalled. Except that recalls are free. They're a bit inconvenient, but that's all. I've had my car for 2 years and it's had two recalls. Do I think the car is a piece of crap because of that? Hardly. I love my car.

What does "free driving" mean? Driving really isn't free, ever. You're paying for the car, the gas, the maintenance, etc. I guess he meant a free test drive, but that's sure not what he actually wrote. I'm also not going to contemplate what "trouble-free engineering" is.

Of course, I was also smart enough not to buy an "Oatmobile." Well, you have to think that having an edible car would come in handy.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What? $15 for pancakes is a lot?

Strips like today's strip annoy me because my general reaction to them is "Duh." It's so common there's no point in complaining. And if this scenario surprises you at all, you're an idiot. Of course the prices at the hotel restaurant are going to be higher! Duh! There's a convenience factor and a quality factor. Restaurants in hotels are generally somewhat fancy. They're going to be expensive. This is why I only eat at them when I'm on a business trip and therefore not spending my own money. Even so, $2.99 seems fairly cheap for a breakfast special.

The moral of today's story? You're an idiot if you think you're getting a good deal eating in the hotel at which you're staying. If you want to eat cheaply, walk around the neighborhood a bit. But then, that would require actually seeing the town you're visiting. Heaven forbid.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rachel Ray, she ain't

Today's strip is annoying because it's really not the chef's fault that he's making a somewhat complicated recipe and a person at home is trying to copy him and gets frustrated. If I'm watching a cooking program and the chef is saying stuff like, "Turn the egg whites inside out," then I know that this isn't an easy recipe to make. And thus I am probably not going to complain, except perhaps to wonder who these people are who can copy recipes like that off the tv.

And really, most of what the chef is saying isn't that hard. Other that the egg whites inside out thing. Although, if he's talking about hard-boiled egg whites, that isn't hard. But can you whip them? And do people actually turn on a cooking program and expect to make the dish along with the chef--no pauses or anything? I can see maybe recording a program (particularly something like 30 Minute Meals) and trying to go along with it--with a a lot of stopping the recording.

Honestly, what impresses me in those shows is how they can chop up everything. You should see me try to mince garlic or chop up an onion. It ain't pretty.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

The foibles of modern technology

Did I miss something major in the TDIET world when I was gone? Because today's strip is just totally throwing me off. It's not that we haven't seen cell phones before (because we have, and we've seen people make these same complaints about them), it's just that today they seem so...normal. I feel like when Scaduto had them in strips before, he saw them as something foreign; now, it seems as though he's had some time getting to understand them a bit. (Not that I am making any sense here; my head is clearly still in the Bahamas.) The scene in the top panel, other than the kid's horrible haircut, seems pretty plausible. Only there should also be a computer for the kid to be playing with.

What's the point of having the mother/wife in that top panel? She's not giving a good reaction face, and she's not in the bottom panel to react, either. I guess it's so that we know that there is a mother/wife, because heaven forbid a child should be raised in something other than a traditional nuclear family.

It is a relief to see my favorite car back, though. Even if every other car on the road also looks like it comes from, at the latest, the 1970s. And that traffic is clearly not fast moving, despite what the caption would have us believe.

I also love that Lugdome is friends with Barfo. I like imagining a world where all the characters from this strip are friends. And naturally they all complain about each other; what else would one do in a TDIET world?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'll be out of contact until Monday, October 16, due to a combination of a business trip and a vacation. Blissful, Scaduto-free days.

Beauty is in the eyes of Scaduto

Is the problem in today's strip that Barfo is at the barber shop for a toupee? An ugly one? Is that the issue?

"Is he Michelangelo being retouched?" That makes no sense! Either Scaduto doesn't realize that Michelangelo was an artist, not a piece of art, or he should've used a word other than "retouched"--maybe "criticized" or something.

And let me just say that it's really obnoxious those spectators are. They suck just as much for Barfo for being jerks.

Can someone explain the "fine-tip the comb" comment for me? So...Flavio can stab Barfo with it?

I do love that the barber's name is Flavio.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Do people even wear aprons like that anymore?

I'm not sure what to make of today's strip (though I'll admit that part of the problem might just be that I'm a complete idiot today, as evidenced by how I mixed up two coworkers earlier and have lost most of my ability to process thoughts in any sort of orderly fashion) (I've been kind of stressed lately, sorry).


It totally grates that this guy comes home from work expecting his Happy Homemaker Wife to be all, "Sure, honey, sit back and relax! Have a cold one! I'm only here to cater to your needs!" And yeah, if I were her, I wouldn't make a special trip to the store to pick up a six-pack for him, when he possibly could've just as easily picked one up on his way from work.

On the other hand, though, I can't imagine that she had that many things to pick up and errands to run and didn't do them. Maybe they weren't urgent? Maybe something else came up? Because it is valid for him to go to the store just to pick up beer. Particularly since dinner is probably soon.

So, as is typically the case, they both annoy me.

Luckily, I was easily distracted by the large pile of dishes that Migraina is carrying. What do they need all those dishes for? My theory is that they had a dinner party the previous night, so she's putting away the china, which is stored in a case in the dining room. Just go with me people.