Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rachel Ray, she ain't

Today's strip is annoying because it's really not the chef's fault that he's making a somewhat complicated recipe and a person at home is trying to copy him and gets frustrated. If I'm watching a cooking program and the chef is saying stuff like, "Turn the egg whites inside out," then I know that this isn't an easy recipe to make. And thus I am probably not going to complain, except perhaps to wonder who these people are who can copy recipes like that off the tv.

And really, most of what the chef is saying isn't that hard. Other that the egg whites inside out thing. Although, if he's talking about hard-boiled egg whites, that isn't hard. But can you whip them? And do people actually turn on a cooking program and expect to make the dish along with the chef--no pauses or anything? I can see maybe recording a program (particularly something like 30 Minute Meals) and trying to go along with it--with a a lot of stopping the recording.

Honestly, what impresses me in those shows is how they can chop up everything. You should see me try to mince garlic or chop up an onion. It ain't pretty.

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