Sunday, February 10, 2008

End of an era

It seems somewhat appropriate that the last regular TDIET strip would be a repeat--from last October. OK, maybe less a "repeat" and more a "sequel," as this does seem to be what the previous strip implies. That being said, this is totally valid; I remember being sighed at more than once by my mother because of how I had my stuff spread out over the table when she was trying to put food on it.

That being said, if you kick the kids out of the kitchen, it seems natural they would've disappeared for a bit. For all we know, they're simply dumping their stuff in their rooms...although perhaps that's supposed to be the door to outside that's open in the bottom panel?
If you go to the Times-Intelligencer TDIET page, you'll notice that it says that last strip is actually today's...though I can't seem to access it. Evil! With the strip over, I may go through the archives and add in the strips themselves so we don't lose them, and add tags to the older entries, but I imagine it'll just be housekeeping-type activities from here on out.
So thanks for following along. If you're particularly bored, you can check out my sort of normal blog...though I should warn you, with the baseball season starting, there will likely be a fair bit of posting about the Orioles. (And I am aware that the comments there don't work. It just looks like they should work, and thus they taunt me.)

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Is that a green slip?

You know what's awesome about today's strip? The kid actually making a comment about "growing cobwebs" instead of actually seeing Chumply sitting there, covered in cobwebs. Though, pst, kid--you don't "grow" cobwebs. There's this whole process involving spiders. I do like that we're seeing the beginning of this process.

When I first glanced at the strip, I thought that it was the morning; in my mind, robe = morning or night. It wasn't until I noticed that Chumply was in a tux that I got what was going on. However, this is one of those situations where I can't feel too bad for the husband, because he's obviously been married to this woman for a while; by this point, he should know how long it takes her to get ready for a night out. So Chumply, go grab a book or something while your wife prims up (I always use "primp," but whatever). And stop looking so surprised.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rhett Butler is dreamy

Wow. iPods, plasma tvs. Today's strip is just crazy! I can't imagine anyone watching Gone With the Wind on an iPod. My eyes hurt just thinking about it, but then, I don't particularly like watching movies on my computer, which has an 18" screen (yes, making it bigger than the actual television I have sitting next to it).

In fairness, though, it appears that Mom and Junior are watching something else on the 60" tv, so it's not like Dimwitty could watch GWTW on that. And I wonder how much of this is the novelty factor, too. The follow-up to this would be showing that 2 weeks later, Dim's iPod is gathering dust.

Other notes: Why is the salesman in the top panel wearing a ribbon? And shout out to Highlands, NJ. I used to go to a restaurant there somewhat regularly (hey, Bahrs!).

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To catch a thief Is the police brutality in the top panel of today's strip a first? Al did a good job in qualifying it with "wild, resisting villain," but at that, it looks like the cop is just beating the thief about the head with a billy club for no apparent reason. I can't believe that that's the most effective way to subdue someone. (I'd suggest a taser, but don't want to get into that debate again.) Anyway, I always assumed that the way people are put into the police cars is just a continuation of making sure the person doesn't make any sudden movements. Part of it might be to avoid the person bumping his or her head, but part of it was a control issue. I thought, anyway. And really, should we be rooting for the suspect to become even more injured?


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Barb embraces technology

You may have noticed (if you haven''re blind) that I realized what the little Blogger icons mean in my "Create a Post" window and have added the actual strip for today. My knowledge of the Interwebs clearly knows no bounds. I was spurred on to this by gallagher's comment yesterday, wondering whether the archives would disappear, rendering my blog completely moot. (Or moo, like a cow's opinion.) I hope that if they do disappear, it takes a while, as I'll make an attempt to go back and add the actual comics. And maybe even add tags for the older entries. We'll see.
Anyway, today's strip. (Yes, I feel the need to link it. I don't know why.) I kind of love it because of the woman in the lower right corner. Her expression makes me happy. Also, that is a tiny pool, which amuses me. I do wonder whether this visitor to Palm City actually heard these people say they were going for a "swim" or just a "dip in the pool." Did these guys actually talk about getting exercise? And maybe they are swimming around a bit. Or it could be therapeutic! My grandmother swims every week because she has a bum hip, but I doubt she's doing laps. Who knows.
Love the guy asking the others where they're going for "early bird." I really hope that people actually do call it that. It would totally make my day.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Her purse isn't even that big!

Today's strip totally hit home, mostly because I commute to and from work on the bus. I cannot cope with people who don't have their money/farecard ready. I actually have my SmarTrip card in my pocket when I close my front door. Seriously, there is no excuse for these people. I hate being behind them in line, I hate sitting on the bus and watching them take forever. At least most of the time, if they need to search, they do try and step aside and let people ahead of them.

OK, I guess on occasion, I can see not having change ready. But this just speaks to me. Right on, Al and Susan!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Well, if the cartoons are shown in HD, why not?

Today's strip was another that I had to read a few times to understand. I guess I underestimated how helpful those exposition boxes are. Anyway, looks like we're supposed to be down on Hekkie for suggesting a new, high-def television. I'm not really sure about the snide comments. If his dad is having problems getting a good picture on a tv that's only 5 or 6 years old, then there's a problem. (My tv is about 7 years old now and is just fine, thanks.) And HD is how things are moving; at this point, if you're getting a new tv, it makes sense to buy HD. The prices are coming down and everything's going digital. You're just setting yourself up for becoming obsolete if you go non-HD. (Here I mean for something like the family room's tv. I'd have no hesitation to buy a small, non-HD television for my bedroom or something.) (But really, you shouldn't take technology-buying advice from me. I have the very bad habit of buying this sort of thing impulsively.)

Anyway. Widescreen is a bit much, but what kid wouldn't pull for that? And Hekkie looks older than 8; I'm sure he's watching more than just cartoons. As for the "wrecking crew" comment, I have no idea where that came from. Who are those people in the other room, anyway? Random commentators?

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