Monday, April 09, 2007

Penalty for unnecessary Latin

Not that we needed more proof that TDIET is clearly set in the 1950s, but today's strip provided some. Lunch at a swanky bistro, that I assume we're supposed to find expensive, is a whopping...$32? Parking in an attended lot is...$0.75? Seriously, that's only $16 a person, including tip!

Which doesn't really get into the substance of the strip, I know. And yes, this sort of thing does happen. It's amusing, actually, because the other night a friend of mine told me a story that basically was this strip:

My friend and his boyfriend went out with a couple that they met at church. They were having a lovely time, chatting, etc. The bill comes; my friend's boyfriend picks it up and puts down enough cash for their half of the tab. And they just keep talking...and talking...and the other couple doesn't even glance at the tab. The waiter comes by a few times, and still the other couple does nothing. So my friend finally grabs his credit card and pays for the entire thing. Afterward, the four of them go someplace else and the other couple offers to buy dessert. So my friend bought dinner and got a $4 cookie and coffee. His boyfriend refused to have anything, so the other couple couldn't claim they were even.

Anyway. Not sure of the use of "non compos," which I believe means "not in control." What? Usually it's "non compos mentis," which I actually believe Al has used before. That implies "not sane," but that doesn't fit it. It just seems random.

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At 11:32 AM, Blogger Lady Cooper said...

32 bucks is bloody cheap! Shoot, at a nice place, 32 bucks would be pretty well for one person, not including wine, tax, or tip!

Also, do people really try and stiff their half of the bill like that? I've always found the best way to not pay is to try to pay, then in the following argument over who will pay ("Let me pay." "No, no, let me pay."), let them win. But I'm talking about Canada, I guess they do things differently in Scadutoland...every time.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger Kaitlyn said...

That implies "not sane," but that doesn't fit it.

This is They'll Do It Every Time. Everything about it is not sane!

Maybe he meant he was too crazy to pay the bill, like you're too crazy to go to jail. Or like when you're asked, "Who broke this?" you say "No hable Engles."

I think if I went out, I'd say I'm broke, I'll pay what I can, "Look I can pay our parking garage bill! Ha haha!"

but 75 cents for a parking garage? How long did they eat? 10 minutes?

Memphis parking garages are so much more expensive, but we only use them when we're going to a doctor or a lawyer, so we can get it validated.

At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like how today its just "The urge", rather than "the urge to X him to the Z."

then again, it reminds of those ridiculous commercials for herbal essences shampoo a few years back...


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