Thursday, March 29, 2007

Things to be mucho negative about

Even though we may never see the Loyal Order of the Caribou after today's strip, I had to make it a tag. It's actually a cute shout-out to Blondie, so kudos to Al for that.

My main problem again revolves around the poor placement of dialogue balloons. When the Head Caribou is saying "But it was voted on to run a raffle," it certainly seems that he's responding to Jugbutt's outburst. Even though we're reading the Head Caribou's dialogue first.

Anyway, this is just a case of insane stupidity. I mean, Jugbutt knew he missed a meeting. I imagine that there are people like this out there, but hopefully not too many. And what's wrong with a raffle, anyway? Why does Jugbutt have such strong feelings about them? It's like a raffle done him wrong at some point in his past.

"But like we mean, mucho negative"? *bangs head against desk*

I just wish everyone were wearing the antlers at the meeting. That would be awesome!

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