Thursday, September 06, 2007

Frantic catch-up

Today's strip strikes as kind of completely bizarre. Garbage cans? The kid who's clutching his mother in fear totally makes the strip. Clearly Dad has rage issues. You'd think he'd plan ahead when taking the garbage out, but apparently not. I kind of want the passer-by to lecture him on raccoons. Or, have a raccoon attack him! That would be awesome.

Yesterday's strip delves into a side of the medical world we rarely see--how doctors relate to their spouses. I'm kind of disappointed it's not more like Grey's Anatomy. Epsom is no McDreamy. The issue is Mrs. Epsom's expression in the top panel. I'd imagine that she's been sick before and dealt with his treatment (or lack thereof); her expression in the top panel should be more ironic; at least a smirk. I guess she doesn't want to know what a crap husband Epsom is.

In Tuesday's strip, we delve into the fascinating world of mommy issues. Love how Ragmop says "Ohh yeah" not once, but twice. Excellent. I'm also fascinated that he actually knows how his mother made this mystery concoction--honestly, the men in this strip don't seem that perceptive. And again, it's like Al can't say "divorce," but has to keep saying "Grounds for you-know-what." Unless by that he means "murder." Hmm. And again with all the dishes! Geez.

Newsflash in Monday's strip: Boys will do things for the girls they like that they complain about when their mother wants them to do it. (Man, what an awkward construction. My bad.) Although, honestly, it looks like Yorkie and his girl are planning to hike the Appalachian Trail, given the size of those packs.

And I do recommend that everyone check out Sunday's strip. As reader Cedar pointed out, it contains so many TDIET highlights--squid, yoyoitis, an odd highlighting of technology (i.e., CDs), "Oh, Daddy, what you said!" We also get a glimpse of how Al draws cats. It's...neither pretty nor realistic.

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At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Lapsed Librarian said...

What I most love in the CD episode of Sunday's strip is that the host is forcing his guests to listen to the CD so they can experience the amazing sound quality. It's as if the strip is set in a time when the CD was an amazing and audibly superior new technology. Oh wait, this is TDIET. I should be surprised he's not extolling those new-fangled 33-rpm records!

At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Bob said...

Welcome back. We missed you!

Why is the kid with the backpack trying to hit on a forty-year-old lady? Must be his teacher.

At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Kay Halstead said...

I second what bob said. I haven't snorted all week. With that being said...

If I was Al's, Fignewt's, Dr. Epsom's, Ragmop's or any other of those lame assholes "wifey" I would tell the SOB to fix his own GD breakfast, lunch & dinner. I guess that's why I am a happy divorcee.


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