Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Technology and Mary Worth

Are we supposed to feel bad for Fignewt in today's strip? Look how huge the "Batteries Not Included" notice is! It's on the front page of the instructions! He's an idiot for not noticing! In looking, though, I'm thinking we're not supposed to feel bad for him. You can see the instructions in the top panel, with cobwebs attached. Although what is it with the toys that require assembly in this strip? A couple weeks ago, it was a crane. Today, a truck. Kid, in my days, we pushed the truck. That's how we made it go. What a brat.

I know I've seen yesterday's strip before. It seems like a long time ago, though, and I don't have the time right now to hunt for it. I wonder whether Dorkley actually tries the suggestions he gets. And does it seem weird to anyone else that he would blow the money on doctors, but not actually get the prescriptions? It's like he's a hypochondriac, but can't fully commit to it. I'd also like to point out that in today's Mary Worth that Vera has what could possibly be a computer monitor on her desk at work. Mary Worth, people. Admittedly there doesn't appear to be a keyboard, but it's a lot more advanced than TDIET.

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At 1:05 PM, Blogger Cedar said...

When yesterday's strip was done earlier, it was the more traditional TDIET format, with the first panle featuring a man talking sports with his doctor, and the second panel featuring him talking medicine with some guys at the bar.

I look yesterday's strip a little seriously, as I have an aversion to simply taking prescriptions to cure problems. I've found that a lot of the natural remedies that are clearly mocked here work quite well, especially for my allergies. But I guess since a doctor didn't write a prescription for it, I'm being silly and difficult.

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Bob said...

What household these days wouldn't have a few batteries lying around or be able (since the stores are closed. . .how late is it, exactly? Probably six o'clock in Scadutoland) to borrow some from somethinge else? The problem, of course, is that the strip isn't taking place in "these days." No, it's set in some vague time in the middle of last century when batteries wouldn't have been in all sorts of devices, and when 24-hour stores were non-existent (NTTAWWT). And I'v enever seen a kid wear a sweater vest. Ever. Definitely a good opportunity for lil Hekkie to learn some freaking patience.

As for Dorkley: this guy is indeed usually getting his medical advice from the local bartender. Not sure if this is a step up or down for Dorkley.

Never seen "pal o' mine" used as other than a direct form of address before. Weird.

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Kay said...

Any parent who has had children within the past 30 years (me)learns to always check if the toy needs batteries. So they may do it once, but they don't "do it every time".

Still, there is something about this comic strip that makes me want to read it every time. I think in part because it has been in the newspaper since the year of my birth (1955ish). Ah, nostalgia - oh yeah.


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