Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Of crappy husbands and crappy cousins

Yesterday's strip continues the recent thread of retirement and dealing with a retired spouse. I honestly have nothing new to say about this (other than "The urge to retire him to the moon" actually makes some sense, so good job, Al!). I am kind of curious about the top panel--what does Dragbutt thinks his wife does all day that will go away once he's retired? And why does she seem pleased by that? You'd think that she'd realize that cooking, cleaning, etc., doesn't go away when someone retires. I don't know.

Man, I really feel bad for Arfo in today's strip. That's just a crappy situation that Fignewt left him in; even Mrs. Fignewt's expression seems to imply that she knows that this sucks. This is a situation where I really feel like I need more information. Did Fignewt really have to go to his mother's? Why? I don't think I can make a judgment without that information. This really all depends on the personalities involved. I just want to know why it's "Living on the brink." That's just silly.

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