Thursday, July 05, 2007

He is 14 going on 15...

OK, there is no way that the kid in today's strip is either 14 or 15. He looks maybe 10. Every now and then Al shows that he can actually draw people somewhat well, but for the most part, we get this. The strip itself doesn't make sense. It would be fine with just the "You're too young to go!"/"You're old enough to do that!" contrast. Honestly, as drawn, if I were Junior, I'd wondering whether my mom knew how old I was. I can see how this situation might be frustrating, but there's a huge difference between going to a concert and being able to keep your room neat. But seriously, if my kid looked like that, I wouldn't let him go to a concert, either. Oh, and Mom, here's a thought--let him go to the concert if he keeps his room neat. See how that works? (I'm a great mother in a hypothetical world.) What's particularly disturbing is how the mother's hair recedes a few inches between the two panels. Scary!

I had considered commenting on yesterday's strip, until I looked and noticed that it was just about waiting at the doctor's office. Shocking new material. So I'm skipping it.

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At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Bob said...

LOL love the "abusive husband" tag. Is he the reason her hair has receded? Maybe he pulled it out after watching Bruce Willis beat the crap out of that chick in the latest Die Hard and come away with a clump of hair in his hand.

Once again, Al's done this strip before. Won't somebody put us out of his misery?

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Barb said...

Huh. I didn't mean to tag it with "Abusive husband." I'm off to fix that.

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And you fifteen years old"? What kind of grammar is that? Hey Al, better start shapin this strip up, Y'Hear? Y'Hear? Oh, yeah-h-h-h.

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous mwgallaher said...

I sympathize with yesterday's doctor's room waiting strip. From my experience, it *will* happen every time you go to a neurologist. Waited an incredible 5 1/2 hours last time! 4 of those hours were in the examining room; I wish they'd just left us out in the waiting room instead. It's far worse torture to think you're close to seeing the doctor and waiting even longer than you spent out there on the couch with tvs and people to watch (and magazines to read, but as Al has pointed out, those are ancient...)


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