Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Suck it up, Ferdie

Holy crap. How many times is Al going to do variations on this same strip? I almost think I should refuse to say anything about today's strip, seeing how we've seen similar strips at least twice before. Apparently there is just tons of wackiness when it comes to people visiting (or not!) sick people.

I really can't blame these people too much. It seems somewhat natural to be more concerned and visit when someone is in the hospital, as opposed to just being at home. Sure, it would've been nice if someone had stopped by Uncle Ferd's place...assuming he told them. He had to have. But I wonder how he put it. I wonder how close these relatives live. But God knows I've felt like crap and nobody's come to help me. I'm not feeling much sympathy for Uncle Ferdie here.

And honestly, don't complain. At least they came.

I'd like to point out that this is at least the second strip submitted by J. Lopez of Seattle (the other one; and one from Toledo). Talk about a loyal reader, oh yeah!

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