Saturday, September 02, 2006

Your baseball talk is not winning me over

I love how Lugbutt is actually taking notes at the bar in the bottom panel of today's strip. That is awesome. He actually brought a pad and paper to a bar!

I also love how the baseball discussion consists solely of listing teams. And not always teams, sometimes just the cities. (And they both mention a mix of AL and NL, which is odd.) Because that's exactly how I discuss baseball. It's not about the players, it's about the teams. Of course, I imagine Scaduto would use "Mantle" and "Williams" to discuss players, so...

As for the content, I'm hoping that the doctor did mention some health-related topics to Lugbutt. But really, when I'm actually getting the check-up, I usually don't talk about health, either. It's more like, "I'm going to ignore what you're doing and just chat about other things." It makes it easier to deal with. Then, when I, you know, have my clothes on again (oh yeah!), the doctor and I will start to discuss the findings from the check-up.

"Bathe your eyes in seltzer water"? Wouldn't that hurt? But, again, we're dealing with home remedies vs. doctor recommendations, and I don't particularly feel like getting into that debate again.


At 6:03 PM, Blogger DaveyK said...

This panel would make more sense if the visual composition was reversed. The way it's drawn it seems like the doctor and bartender are the ones responsible for the off-topic conversation, not Lugbutt.

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Dr. Johnny Q. Beavispants said...

I'm surprised Scaduto knows that there are now major league baseball teams in Los Angeles.


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