Monday, April 30, 2007

Again with the spiderwebs

Today's strip is making me cranky because, yet again, I have problems placing the blame for the situation with Yorick (whose name made a lot more sense the last time we saw him--Yorick -> Shakespeare -> language). It's another case of a parent clearly not taking on the responsibility he should, and having it come back and bite him in the butt. If Yorick feels that he can ask for money the day after he got (and spent) his allowance, then it means that this has probably worked for him before. Hey, Yorick's Dad? Here's a solution: Don't give him any money. I know, I'm all with the crazy talk. Teach your child some fiscal responsibility? Perish the thought! Sure, he'll whine--probably because you give him money whenever he asks. Tough. He needs to learn sometime.

I can guess why it's taking Yorick so long to rake the yard; he looks older than his dad. And really, unless there's some pressing need for the yard to be all pretty, I can't get on his case too much if it's only been two days. Unless, of course, he's only worked on that tiny patch of the yard. Not that I'm entirely sure what he's raking; the yard looks fine to me.

Also, nice slang. I wonder if Yorick were a good kid who did his chores and didn't blow through his allowance, would that mean that he talked more normally?

And Mom, stop rolling your eyes in the background. I doubt you're helping the situation any.

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At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alas, poor Yorick . . . yon middle-aged midget.


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