Monday, January 22, 2007

Times in my life I've dealt with my house being on the market: 3

Today's strip gets kudos for including my car and Fignewt. And...that's about it.

"Their old homestead"? Are they in Oklahoma in the mid-19th century? It's a house. Or a home. And I imagine they did jump for joy. Selling a house is a pain in the butt. You always have to keep it fairly neat and clean, because who knows when someone's going to show up to look at it. You get kicked out so realtors can show it. And it's weird trying to make plans when you're not sure when you'll be moving. There's really nothing enjoyable about selling a house, and I'm not even mentioning people coming into your house and making snide comments about it.

On the other hand, I can also understand driving by the old house and sighing over it. And really, who knows what their situation is now? Maybe they moved into a place that turned out to be crappy. It's entirely possible that they didn't realize how small apartments can be, and just miss having the room. And if this conversation is anything like ones I've had, as soon as they get past it, Lula will say, "Yeah, but remember what a pain it was shoveling the driveway?" and Fignewt will say, "Yeah, that was awful. And our utility bills are so much lower now!" And then they'll both forget about it.

I mean, I sigh over places I used to live...for about two seconds. And we're talking about places I was all too happy to leave. Such is life.

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At 5:27 PM, Anonymous MWGallaher said...

Today's submitter, Sy Barry, is a legendary comic strip artist himself. Which puts me in pretty good company--yes, Al's running with MY submission next week! I'll be here in the comments with the behind-the-scene story!


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