Monday, December 04, 2006

The kids only look a few years younger than those actors

In the past, I know that I've said that I read the strip and my only response was "No." After reading today's reaction is that "No," only multiplied by, like, a million. I mean, seriously. What? (And it depresses me to be reduced to writing like this, as it feels too Scaduto-like.)

So...what? Huh? At least he's blatant in acknowledging that the readers of this strip are old. Because, really, when was the last time kids played cowboys and Indians (though notice that, ever the epitome of political correctness, Al calls it "played cowboys")? Maybe kids in the early 60s. Though I suppose it could be more recent. I don't remember playing cowboys as a child, but then, I wasn't a little boy. Kids today could be playing cowboys, but I try to avoid contact with children.

Anyway, it's logical that little boys playing would call each other "men"--that's how they want to be seen. In the movies, do they really call each other "boys"? The only cowboy movie that's come out lately (hee hee, "come out") is Brokeback Mountain, which I doubt Al (or his readers) saw. Before that, there were a few that came out in the mid-90s (Unforgiven, Wyatt Earp, The Quick and the Dead), but it's hardly a popular genre these days.

I do love that the viewer in the bottom panel is so completely disgusted as he thinks "Boys?" Mister, try being 28 years old and have people not infrquently refer to you as a "girl." Shut up, Al. Also, the cowboys in the movie are gross-looking. (Hey, if you call me a "girl" I'll act like one.)



At 1:14 PM, Blogger Izzy Diemez said...

Jeez, those "kids" look like 40 year-olds.


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