Thursday, August 03, 2006

If anyone finds a trapeze artist/ladder joke, let me know

Ah, today's strip marks the return of Migraina, last seen on July 27. She doesn't seem to be the most supportive of wives, what with telling her husband to stop telling stories and having no sympathy for him when he's in the hospital.

I suppose we could look at today's strip in two ways. The first is, I imagine, how we're supposed to; namely, that once Migraina hooked her husband, she did her best to suppress everything that she fell in love with. Or, at least his sense of humor.

The second is the way I can't help but read it; namely that they're going to a party with people they've probably seen a number of times and to whom the husband has already told his stories. "Oh man, there he goes again," you can just hear the party-goers say. "Not the trapeze artist and the ladder again!" (I'm sure there's a reverse TDIET for this somewhere; oh wait, there is.) Really, she's doing him a favor by stopping him from boring all of their friends; her problem, like so many others in the TDIET world, is that she's doing it in an obnoxious way.

Is it wrong that I'm happy that Migraina is still a redhead? I can pretend that Scaduto means it to be the same woman. She looks a bit older in the July 27 strip, though. The husband's hair looks different, though.


At 2:28 PM, Anonymous DR said...

Migraina appeared this Sunday too. I remember she had "the urge to rip out his larynx" which I thought was a bit explicit. Hopefully shes ready to snap soon. Livin on the edge.. Oh, yeah!

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous pelagius said...

The way she nags her husband, it's no wonder it took her til her 50s to find a 'beau'.

Wild times on The Cocktail Circuit, wild times..

At 9:17 PM, Blogger Frankie Machine said...

I bet that joke he tells ends with the punchline:
"The Aristocrats!"

At 9:18 PM, Anonymous becky said...

Haaa. Awesome, frankie.

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