Friday, December 07, 2007

Lack of truth in advertising? Say it ain't so!

Today's strip illustrates a valuable lesson: Commercials don't always show the truth. Now I realize that you're all shocked by this revelation, but it's true. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I can't work up much sympathy for our protagonist. With something like car repairs, you don't go to the place with the good commercials. You do research, you ask friends and colleagues. And when it comes to car repairs, "reasonable" does not necessarily equal "low, low." Some things can be fixed fairly inexpensively. But not everything. And since I have no idea what's actually wrong with the car...I can't judge. It's bad form for the guy to say "Big bucks," but we all know how Al doesn't want to use actual numbers.

Anyway, J. Wurshell, you can just take your car to another shop. He gives you the option. And if it needs to be be it. But it's not like there's nowhere else in Cleveland to get your car fixed. And don't blame your television for commercials. Your television loves you!

In yesterday's strip, a couple shows up unexpectedly and is shocked that the couple they've stopped in to see isn't available to socialize. Well, duh. If you stop by to see someone without calling ahead, you're taking a chance that the person is going to be out or busy. My friends know that they're more than welcome to just pop on by anytime, but that doesn't mean that at any given time, I'll have the time to talk. How far away is the couple coming from, anyway? Honestly, do people do this that much? I can think of one time when I was driving by a friend's house and stopped to say hi. He wasn't home. I certainly didn't get upset about it. It happens, you know?

The growling dog does make the strip, though, I think.

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At 12:35 PM, Blogger Michael said...

"The urge to dump my TV set"?

At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Lapsed Librarian said...

I have a feeling Thursday's strip must have been reversed by Al somehow. The people who should be upset are the nice folks who told their friends to drop by and see them, only to have those inconsiderate friends come by with no notice and then act put out when they're not treated like royal visitors. That has to be how it was really submitted, right?

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Scott Nazelrod said...

Comics Curmudgeon is saying that Al Scaduto died yesterday. Wonder if they're going to have someone take over TDIET?

At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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