Tuesday, December 12, 2006

They can all go get stuff to settle their stomachs, at least

After yesterday's shocking venture into Real Time (i.e., the cigarette prices were accurate for 2006), it's back to the Days of Yore in today's strip. It took me a few minutes to try and think of a place where there might be a "lunch counter" (...actually, I could stop the sentence right there, couldn't I?) and a "pill and prescription department" (or a "pharmacy," as we call it) in the same store. And then I pictured a store I used to go to after school when I was in middle school; basically a 5 and 10. We used to go to the lunch counter and it's possible there was a pharmacy. And it seems that pharmacies perhaps used to have lunch counters. But not, you know, in the last 15 years. (Or more--I'm dating this to the place I went, which closed not too long after.) Particularly employing people in those uniforms.

Anyway, I doubt that people would honestly get that upset about what the sick guy is saying. The grossest thing in there is "foot fungus" and it's not like he's describing his ailment in terrible detail. I mean, it'd be one thing if he were describing his vomit using specifics, but he's not.

I'd get more upset, but again, distracted by the "lunch counter" concept.

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