Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I really hope those 3 people spend all their time on the sidewalk

I love, love, love how Al aged everyone in today's strip. First guy: Lost his hair, mustache turned white. Woman: Hair turned red; looks like she may be wearing dentures. Second guy: Lost some hair, but actually looks a bit younger (probably because he's farther away). And Dimley? Slightly shorter hair, and, I believe, a single forehead wrinkle.

I'm wondering how much time is supposed to have passed. I hope to God that the top panel isn't supposed to show Dimley at 16, just after he dropped out of high school. I really hope the spectators are just dredging up ancient history. But obviously quite a bit of time has passed between the two panels, which kind of scares me. I do how cigar + suit + briefcase = making it real big.

The moral, as usual, is that the people standing around are idiots. Judge not, etc. Of course, I might be inclined to call someone a dunce if his name is "Dimley." And really, dropping out of high school doesn't particularly reflect well on a person--the question, really, is why did Dimley drop out? But I wouldn't necessarily call someone who made it real big a "genius," either.

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At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Lil' Lurker said...

Whyizzit... people in Scaduto's world are usually judgmental, hypocritical a**holes with bad teeth, hideous hair styles and a preference for plaid? Just curious.

At 7:16 PM, Blogger Chance said...

No time has passed. The two panels represent two different but startlingly similar parallel universes. In one, Dimley dropped out of school and never amounted to much. In the other, Dimley dropped out of school but made some money.


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