Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Those are some informative boxes

I don't know if I'm getting stupider or what, but it took me a minute to figure out today's strip. It wasn't until I bothered looking at the name of the store on the box that I realized what was going on. I was like, "Well, I'm sure they have Macy's up in Nome, too." I grew up living on the opposite side of the country from my dad's side of the family, and never had these problems. I'm happy to see the return of Lulula; too bad she's the baddie in the strip.

And what small boy will look that happy modeling a sweater he got from his aunt--a pink sweater, at that. At his age, he doesn't want his presents to be clothing; he wants toys, dang it. Give him a truck, or some sort of video game. Give him a baseball glove or a football.

But of course, that's not how aunts/cousins work, I suppose. I'm sure he'll get over the disappointment soon enough.

And I notice that it was submitted by, God help us, Aunty Fifi in Silver Spring, MD. Seriously, is there some newspaper around here that carries this strip? Where do all these submitters read it??? "Aunty Fifi." Sheesh.


At 7:15 PM, Blogger Justin said...

D'ya know who the target audience is for TDIET?

Do ya-z-z? Huh?

I've figured it out: Paul Harvey listeners.

All the odd speech tics of TDIET are vocalized by Paul himself...the "heh heh," the contrived confusion of "um, er," the equally contrived stuttering of "th-th-the man said...

And the nonagenarian-friendly "humor" of TDIET is shared in spades by Mr. Harvey.

So there you go. I've cracked the case. You're welcome.

Good DAY!

At 1:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's also an unusually high number of submissions from St. Louis, even though it's not carried in the local paper.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Harmonica Man said...

Apparently dad never needs to change his clothes. But when you're such a fashion mogul why would you?

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous pelagius said...

I understand the bared midriff look is "da bomb" with kids these days. Aunt LulululuuuukeluuukeIamyourfather is just trying to be "phat".

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Ooten Aboot said...

Why is it such a mystery where people who live in towns where the papers don't carry TDIET read it? Probably where Barb reads it!

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Barb said...

I assume that people who submit things for TDIET don't know how to use these newfangled computer things.


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